Brand Cam: the social photo booth

The people magnet, The crowd-pleaser, The party-starter. A classic photo booth with a gif-tastic twist. Our Brand Cams are user-generated content machines that engage people, gather marketing leads, and amplify social reach and collect lots of smiles!

What is a Brand Cam?

The SnapCam is a content creation ‘machine’ that leverages customer creativity and allows them to connect with and promote your products or brand through user-generated content. It’s the modern photo booth, built around a touch-screen tablet and professional light source, that turns meaningful in-person experiences into powerful branded content. 

Customize Your Brand Cam Rental

It’s social, open and a whole heap of fun. Images are instantly shareable and delivered via email or text. Because who wants to wait these days? With these additional upgrades, we work with you to put your brand on display, customize the output, and reach your audience. 

Upgrade to animated GIFs & Bursts and videos to produce dynamic media that’s more likely to be shared.
Create atmosphere by choosing from a wide array of backdrops or have one styled specifically for you.
Build rapport by personalizing the marketing messages you want your audience to receive after they interact with the cam.
From the booth itself, to the touch-screen interface, to the shareable content users create, every touchpoint can be custom branded.
Gather sales and marketing leads as users agree to opt-in and learn more about your audience with integrated surveys.
Monitor the success of your event with a full report of all the stats. From number of guests, captures, shares, estimated reach & more
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THEY SHARE. YOU WIN!Infinitely shareable content at the touch of a button

The Photo Booth, Gif Booth & Video Booth that’s made for sharing. Choose from still photos, animated gifs, or videos at the touch of a button. This is social content creation made easy.

With customisable overlays, backdrops, filters, augmented reality, hashtags and more, we’ll create a simple yet highly memorable event experience that puts your brand on display, spreads your unique brand message and drives online reach. Your audience will get hooked and share like crazy. It’s your brand or event amplified to thousands of followers online (FOMO anyone?).

THE SMILE COLLECTOR.Create More Leads & Increase Event Engagement

Grow your list of contacts with every photo sent. Users volunteer their contact information and other custom data to receive their photo after they have been immersed in your social photo experience.

For clicks and taps, we’ve to your back. We capture leads, track analytics to prove ROI, and optimize your email marketing through custom sharing. Let your audience market your brand for you– The SnapCam increases social engagement through positive brand touchpoints and delivering fun, shareable content whilst being built for big data and marketing visibility.


HANDS FREE & SAFEContactless Photo Booth Solutions

A fast and safe way for guests to interact and share images from the photo booth. With the changes in the world, and concerns over social distancing, COVID-19, and sanitization, QR codes offer a fast and safe way for guests to enjoy the SnapCam while staying safe and reducing the spread of illness. It’s all the photo booth fun without ever touching a screen!

To interact with your photo booth guests scan a QR code on their own phone then simply register their details online just one time, which produces a unique QR code for the entire event to start photo booth sessions, and automatically have the images emailed to them, or sent via text.

Create unique and engaging event experiences
with features like:

High Res, professionally lighted images are ready at the click of a button.
Create animated GIFs & Bursts otherwise known as Boomerangs
Add Video Oerlays, Music, Effects, Intro & Outro Videos & Much More.
Use green screen to place users in custom backgrounds.
Digital props are fun, touch-less, and very customizable.
Display all your content in private or public galleries.
Instantly send your selfies to yourself via text or email
Users apply filters to get their content looking just right.
Showcase your content in a customizable slideshow.
Add motion to custom content with animated overlays.
Gamify the SnapCam experience by using competitions.
Encourage social media sharing easily and privately.
Learn more about your audience with integrated surveys.
AVA (Advanced Vision Analytics). Data from guests such as age & gender.



Shinier - Bamboo Tiger

"Amazing, faultless service. Our customers loved the fun dress-ups and instant sharing of their photo. We made sure we got a team shot too! Definitely recommend."

Shinier - Bamboo Tiger


Yvette & Marcio

"The SnapSpot team were exceptional! Now we have amazing FUN images of all our guests to remember our wedding day. Fantastic!"

Yvette & Marcio


Caron, Tribe

SnapSpot at the Tribe Christmas Party was such a treat. Our guests had so much fun and laughter. We ended up with pictures so gorgeous, I use mine as my profile pic.

Caron, Tribe